A shy introduction to Iran

Here is a video I made of my trip to Iran , nothing crazy(in my opinion) considering the fact that I wasn't planning on shooting a video there.
I was more into taking stills, visiting the country and my family that I hadn't seen seeing in 13 years.
So I was just randomly shooting scenes I liked without knowing precisely what to do with them and how to link them together.
Coming back to France I thought it would really be a waste not to show people what I saw, in motion, then in the process I found this concept of "passenger" and decided to do something with all these sequences.

I made the soundtrack myself ,it is called "Memories from Iran", I used two persian luths called the Setar and the Tar to give this charasteristic "oriental" sound.
You can listen to the theme song here .
The shooting locations were most of the time in Tehran, Ispahan, Karaj and other cities, places, around. I have a big bucket list of other places to go to next time I will have the oportunity to go there.

Full desciption on the Vimeo page.